If you want to learn in a group you can register your interest and we will write you when there are at least 4 candidates.

If you want to learn individually, please register for the 30 minutes introductory chat (free of charge).

If you are already familiar with the language you will need to complete an assessment before you can grab your seat. The assessment will be with one of the teachers approximately 20 minutes long and free of charge.

Macedonian – group prices

Monday and Wednesday (min. 4 – max. 8 people)
20 hours£329
40 hours£629
60 hours£899

Slovene – group prices

Tuesday and Thursday (min. 4 – max. 8 people)
20 hours£299
40 hours£570
60 hours£820

Please do get in touch for the individual prices. They are created on individual wishes and needs, just like the lessons.

Choose your package